Fixing America In 500 Words Or Less

Chapter 54

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Amaziní grace how sweet the sound
That saves a wretch just like me
I was alone in the dark where no one ever wants to be
Born blind, but you set me free

You know that I went rambliní aní I went gambliní, went roaminí from town to town
Ended up worse than I thought I'd ever be
Then you reached down an' pulled me from that hole aní you gave me a better goal
Born blind, oh, but you help me see

You set me free from the rules aní the Babylon brook of fools
And the wicked preacher right there on tv
Cut through bull residue, help me see whatís really true
Born blind, but you help me see

You help me to understand, itís all in the master plan
To shun the self-righteous and choose sinners, sinnerís to be your friends

O Freedom, O freedom, freedom for me
Freedom now on through eternity
ĎCross the wide open road, you will be there to ease my load
Born blind, oh Lord, but you jus' help me see

Amaziní grace, oh, how sweet the sound
That saves a wretch just like me
And no matter how far astray I go
Love will find me, yes I know
Born blind, oh, but you help me see
Born blind, sweet Jesus, but you set me free, yeah *

* Based on "Amazing Grace" by John Newton (1779 public domain) originally entitled "Faith's Review and Expectation").

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