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Chapter 43


       This question of necessity raises several other fundamental questions, forcing one to think outside the modern English language box in regards to long-cherished and deeply-held beliefs of religious orthodoxy, historical, intellectual and other misconceptions.  And if that doesn't adequately describe 21st Century American religious, scientific, educational, political and other confusion, most likely nothing ever will.

       For example, note the rather threatening tone implied in the King James English:

1) Thou shalt not kill,
2) Thou shalt not steal
3) Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. ¹

The conservative religious sounding tone and threatening archaic style of this language here in a digital age land of once shining seas, likely comes across as threatening, mean-spirited and religiously offensive to most Americans, as it does to me personally.

       Instead of insisting on using the flowery archaic King James version commonly found and far less commonly followed, in many conservative fundamentalist hard on one's backside pews of today, consider how the original Hebrew could and arguably should be translated into our modern common usage English reality:

You shouldn't kill.
You shouldn't steal.
You shouldn't say untrue things about your neighbor.

       By revising the same English language into modern usage form while remaining fair to the original source, a much more reasonable sounding, kinder and less threatening God suddenly emerges, in language making perfect sense if God actually cares about people.  As opposed for example, to a vague and distant "deist" type of God, who doesn't give a damn about how we treat each other or otherwise, rape, pillage and pollute his creation to the  high heavens, kingdom come and beyond to our collective capitalist enterprising hearts' content. 

       Virtually all modern progressives are in complete agreement with these three basic moral laws, even if they don't ever read the Bible or even believe in God.  Thus, among other things, this short illustration demonstrates how language and other cultural barriers, in particular from centuries past using the same "English" language, often leads to all manner of erroneous misconceptions, conclusions, deliberate falsifications and outright lies.

       Today the archaic King James English version is invariably branded by liberals as belonging in a category labeled "religion", being entirely undesirable to even mentioned in a supposed "free and democratic society".  While the less religious sounding updated English example is universally viewed as being basic to human rights, common decency, morality and ethics.

       And, it remains a significant cornerstone of not only American, but global ethics, morality and legal law.  Not to mention, it is both prudent and correct to adhere to such common moral decency if we are to have any hope of living in a peaceful and just 21st Century reality.

       How accurate is the Bible? ²  Perhaps a better question is, just how badly deceived and otherwise completely and entirely misinformed, are modern-day Americans in general and, often hard working, tax paying and, most unfortunately for everybody including their own children, “church going” sincere religious fundamentalists in particular? 

       You decide.

{ See Does Science Really Know What is True? for related information. }


1. Exodus 20:2-17 ~ Deuteronomy 5:6–21.

2. For just a small taste of how accurate the Bible really is, see Does Science Really Know What is True? and Random Chance A-Z Primer of Science and the Bible, the latter of which is in need of significant revision, as in the past decade or so since publication, considerable newly discovered evidence also confirms what the Bible long ago claimed is true.  The pace of science has become so rapid here in the 21st Century, seemingly sound scientific information can be published one year and contradicted and even become entirely discredited and obsolete the next.

Don't feel bad if they didn't bother to tell you this in university science class, they're still fairly far behind the curve, but since the launch of the Hubble telescope, modern theory is catching up to what Jesus and the authors of the Bible long ago said is true.  There are still a couple of predictions in the book of Revelation that are not yet scientifically feasible, but nano-technology is well on track.  Scientists are already being funded by the U.S. military to research the feasibility of building exotic combination robotic/living being machines of a looming apocalyptic future George Orwell never dreamed of in his worst nightmares; such research is for the specific purpose of creating horrific war machines seemingly straight out of the most fantastical of science fiction novels, capable of doing significant harm, precisely as the Bible long ago predicted.

We may as well prepare ourselves, for as the Bible projects, agreeing with modern global warming computer models and other modern science knowledge, the worst is yet to come; massive crop failure, lack of drinkable water, asteroid or similar strike, a period of time when the sun, moon and stars won't give their light on the earth, horrific war as the world has never before even imagined and other predictions agreeing precisely with modern science warnings.  Nobody is going to stop the eventual global train wreck, but we may perhaps slow it down if we wise up in a hurry and begin halfway caring about our own immediate offspring.

Perhaps the only thing worse than major catastrophe on a global scale, of which recent Tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan and earthquakes in Haiti and elsewhere don't even hardly weigh in by comparison, is knowing before hand it is coming, while at the same time, realizing it is too late to prevent it from occurring.  Note for example, that modern science already knows one of two known near approach asteroids have a chance of striking Earth in the near future, yet the U.S. and other governments are sitting on their dollars and doing virtually nothing to prevent it.  Even if they miss this time (odds say they will) or even if we manage to get our act together as a collective supposedly post-"enlightenment" human race and divert one, scientists know only too well that the earth can be struck by a sizeable asteroid coming from a "blind spot" region in the sky within 72 or even less hours, with virtually no warning and no time to do anything about it.

The fact our government can't even manage to cover its own citizens for basic health care should be a very loud trumpet blast current and present danger wake up call, to any human being capable of half-way thinking independently for themselves.  But from the Capitol Tower of mass corruption and incompetence to Wall Street sewers of massive greed and global moral ignorance, nobody is listening...

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