Fixing America In 500 Words Or Less

Chapter 62

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On a beautiful summer mornin' along a bridge headin' into Brooklyn
I saw Satan strike like lightnin', gapin' hole, black smoke risin'
And, later as a second tower fell, my heart died an' woke up in hell
“Oh my God, Allah, Jesus, Adonai, we're forsaken”

         Could never have imagined in any way, there'd ever be a day like that day
         Here in America, here in America, here in America, here in America

From ashen dust of sin's destruction reached out hands united in action
Losers, winners, saints an' sinners, every believer, every doubter an' every faction
A homeless man gave all he had, three crumpled bills to purchase water
For a weepin' Wall Street broker who couldn't find an only daughter

Relief poured in from all around, every state, every nation
And I felt honored just to be numbered in a race called “human being”
An' though I seldom ever pray, I found myself on my knees that day
Thankin' God I live here in America

         Could never have imagined in any way, I'd be so proud to say
         I live here in America, here in America, here in America *

* For my friend Alex, of Brooklyn, New York, who was on the bridge, September 11th, 2001, when the first tower was struck.

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