Fixing America In 500 Words Or Less



       Major media newspapers in our modern American supposed “free” press society, typically severely limit if not outright censor the ability of citizen readers to adequately respond to often slanted “news” articles and more obviously biased, editorials and contributing pundit columns.

       While a regular columnist may be allotted 800-1200 words or more to spin a perspective of rather dubious credibility, a “guest columnist” attempting to point out why the paid columnist is at best a complete moron, is allowed substantially less space for responding.

       Not surprisingly, as discovered while attempting to write this book, it is considerably easier to clearly present a position in 800-1200 words than in a mere 500 regarding the same issue.  Several of the “issue” chapters in this book, each limited to 500 words or less, could have been addressed much more adequately if even an additional 100 words were allowed.

       Similarly, a well thought out and carefully crafted “letter to the editor”, if one is fortunate enough to actually have it published, is typically severely edited and otherwise, entirely hacked beyond recognition.  Thus, often as not, the position of the responding letter becomes so entirely skewed, that angry counter-responses ensue from people who actually agree with the point the unedited response was trying to make.

       Compounding average citizen woes is the modern media's incessant compulsion to divide us up on one "side" or the other.  For example, someone who opposed Junior Bush's ¹  illegal invasion of Iraq, as many experienced military people did from the beginning, supports a fairly applied death penalty, favors strict gun control and, who opposes abortion in most cases, literally has no voice in today's American ²  great media divide reality (this example does not necessarily represent the author's views).

       When published by The Tennessean newspaper, the fifth chapter in this book, illustrating the overwhelmingly obvious hypocritical position of the NRA regarding the 2nd Amendment, received a barrage of angry responses, branding the author with every liberal hate name imaginable and some perhaps, previously not invented.

       A few weeks later, the seventh chapter, pointing out the equal if not greater hypocrisy of the ACLU in regards to the 1st Amendment, induced another torrent of venom from the opposite "side", branding the same author as a right-wing lunatic fringe conservative religious fundamentalist, along with several other undesirable and impolite name associations.

       Thus, the beleaguered “common people", who Jesus reportedly came to save have no voice, nor are we afforded any right to hold an independent viewpoint.  As assuredly as we will never be free if we don't know what is true, most assuredly, we will not likely know what is true if we don't take time to fairly examine an issue for what it is, independent of partisan bias.

       This book attempts therefore, however inadequately, to take the improbable approach of a hopefully somewhat fair and unbiased examination, letting conservative, moderate, liberal and other such vinegar-laden chips fall where they may.

       And now my 500 words are about used up. . .


1. George W. Bush is deliberately not referred to formally as "President Bush" in this book, as he was not fairly elected in the year 2000 and probably not in 2004, nor would it be prudent to downgrade the already somewhat questionable highest office of our nation any further than it already is.  And since the turn of the century, the Supreme Court is acting more and more like a juvenile delinquent court at best, which isn't really being fair to either juvenile delinquents or courts in general.

We live in a reality today unprecdented since the dawn of human civilization, where billions of people are instanteously connected and, revolutions that once took years to foment can now occur virtually overnight.  No nation is safe from violent uprising within or terrorist or other attack from the outside and, we may well be entering an age of rule by corporate global domination.  Major banks have big plans for a cashless globally controlled monetary system, where no one will be able to buy or sell without agreeing to be tracked and monitored and otherwise go along with the program.  While media pundits debate climate change, pollution is quite literally poisoning ourselves and our own children and, human slavery of the past may well be a preferred choice over what lies in store in the near future.

2. The term “American” is for the most part, carelessly used throughout this book in reference to citizens of the United States.  Although, this is an extremely arrogant and overwhelmingly incorrect application of the term, which applies equally to citizens of Canada, Mexico, Cuba and every other nation in North and South America, it is nevertheless used as such for reasons which continue to be somewhat of a mystery even to the author himself.

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