Fixing America In 500 Words Or Less

Chapter 50

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                           Did Jesus come to steal native lands
                           Did Jesus come to enslave Africans
                           Did he come to add to the pile of human misery?
                           Did Jesus come to tell the truth?
                           Or did he come to sacrifice our youth
                           In the name of freedom and democracy?
                           Or did Jesus come to set us free?

                                  Oh beautiful, for spacious skies
                                  Growin' mountain of religion lies
                                  Is it God in heaven you patronize?
                                  Can he see through your disguise?

                           Did Jesus come to bring us love?
                           To bring us peace from God above?
                           Or did he come to pollute the land from sea to sea?
                           Did Jesus come to divide us all?
                           An' did he come to watch us fall
                           Into the great abyss of human history?
                           Or did Jesus come to help you an' me?

                                  Vanishing fields of amber grain
                                  Can we outrun the history train?
                                  How many more streets will fill with blood?
                                  Before we all drown in the flood?

                           Did Jesus come to bless the East?
                           Did Jesus come to bless the least?
                           Or did he come to sound a trumpet for the battle call?
                           Did Jesus come to bless the West?
                           Did he come to bless all the rest?
                           Did he come to carry the Wall Street corporate ball?
                           Or did Jesus come to save us all?
                           Save us all, save us all, save us all *

* Dedicated to Rev. Al; the only preacher in America worth listening to and, to Bob Dylan: "The priest wore black on the seventh day and sat stone-faced while the building burned" - Idiot Wind; Blood on the Tracks (1975).

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