Fixing America In 500 Words Or Less

Chapter 68

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                                  Sing a song of taxes
                                  Workin'-class cancer sore
                                  Tea in Boston harbor
                                  An' revolutionary war
                                  Of givin' to the rich
                                  And takin' from the poor
                                  Sing a song of taxes
                                  Let's even up the score

                                  Sing a song of taxes
                                  In the presidential pew
                                  Throw in greased senators an'
                                  Corrupt congressmen in the brew
                                  Add a depraved governor
                                  The education regency board
                                  A few greedy city council members
                                  And Attila the Hun's great horde

                                  Let's all tax the trucker
                                  For drivin' down the road
                                  And tax the company janitor
                                  For cleanin' the commode
                                  Put a levy on the mechanic
                                  For changin' auto oil
                                  Don't forget the tired farmer
                                  For turnin' up the soil

                                  Tax the college student
                                  For learnin' how to think
                                  And tax the hotel maid
                                  For scrubbin' out the sink
                                  Don't overlook the waitress
                                  For servin' up the food
                                  And tax the exotic lady
                                  For dancin' in the nude

                                  Let's tax the faithful mother
                                  For bringin' up her son
                                  And tax our country's children
                                  For chewin' bubble gum
                                  Put a tax on entertainment
                                  Cigarettes and the liquor store
                                  Raise sales tax, shift the burden
                                  To the homeless and the poor

                                  Sing a song of taxes
                                  Fight illegal wars for oil
                                  Slash aid for the veterans
                                  Pig out on the corporate spoil
                                  Privatize social security
                                  Fill the purse of the Wall Street whore
                                  Reduce firefighters, police and
                                  The planet's health just ignore

                                  Build some MX-missiles
                                  And a B-51 or two
                                  Ring the world with laser weapons
                                  Paint 'em all red, white and blue
                                  Print up some cardboard money
                                  Who cares if we all go broke?
                                  Who will notice it's our fault
                                  When the planet goes up in smoke?

                                  Supply-side neo-conmen
                                  With a trillion dollar ripoff scam
                                  Give the poor half a cup of water
                                  And the rich Grand Cooley Dam
                                  Borrow from our children's future
                                  On the backs of the workin'-class
                                  Buy the wealthy a few more yachts
                                  While the rest take it in the ass

                                  Tax us up every orifice
                                  Keep givin' us the screw
                                  An', next time the vote comes 'round
                                  Find out what the people can do
                                  Run your pork fat butts outta office
                                  Put your family on the welfare line
                                  You'll be in some federal hole
                                  Bottoms up, doin' hard rock time

                                  Sing a song of taxes
                                  At the U.S. National Bank
                                  Open up the vaults
                                  Clean out the septic tank
                                  Cry out from the gutter
                                  Beat on your garbage can
                                  If there's a God in heaven up above
                                  Save us all from the taxman !

                                  Sing a song of taxes
                                  Workin'-class cancer sore
                                  Tea in Boston harbor
                                  An' revolutionary war
                                  Of givin' to the rich
                                  And takin' from the poor
                                  WE'RE ALL MAD AS HELL
                                  AND WE AIN'T GONNA TAKE NO MORE !

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