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Many Americans seem to be incredibly ignorant about viruses. We can easily enlighten ourselves by reading the article "Virus" in the Encyclopedia Britannica. This article was written prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and so, it has no political or other agenda in regards to the current pandemic.

A virus cannot remain viable for long without a host organism. What this means is that if 80-90% of Americans were to be vaccinated from Covid-19, there would be little to no problem with the virus in the United States. If this virus cannot find enough human hosts, it will cease to be a significant problem.

If someone has this highly contagious virus, they can easily infect other people, including their own family and friends. When you choose not to be vaccinated, you are choosing not only to endanger yourself, but also everyone else you come in contact with, including small children who have no choice of their own.

If we continue to have 30% or more of our population not vaccinated, it is very likely our society will economically and otherwise suffer from Covid-19 for many years. Americans in large numbers continue to die from this deadly virus and, thousands of children have been orphaned by parents who refused to be vaccinated.

About one third of all adults who are infected by this virus end up with brain trauma for months and possibly, permanently. It is currently unknown how long-term effects will harm children or, how badly Covid-19 will harm their young brains that are still forming. Almost all of those now getting sick enough to have to be hospitalized are people who have not been vaccinated, while virtually no one who has been vaccinated has died from the virus.

Not only those now being hospitalized have likely infected other people, including family members, but they are also taking up scarce hospital beds that are needed for accidents, heart attacks, cancer treatment and other disease problems. Hospitals in many states are being overwhelmed and, if one of us has a medical emergency, we may soon find ourselves with no hospital beds available.

Recently, doctors in mass in Florida walked off of their jobs in protest against adults too selfish to think about the harm they can cause both themselves and other people by not being vaccinated. The United States is losing thousands of highly trained nurses and doctors who are saying enough is enough. Many have left the medical profession entirely.

Currently, children make up a significant percentage of Covid-19 victims. In Tennessee for example, 35% of new cases are now children. Many other states have similar percentages of child victims. Unfortunately, these poor children have no choice in the matter and, they depend on adults to make the right choices for them.

Covid-19 is NOT a political issue, it is an issue of life and death. If you refuse to be vaccinated, this highly contagious virus can and will find you, whether you are conservative, liberal, independent or, just plain tired of it all. This is not a scare tactic, it is the truth.

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