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Many scientists today freely admit the entire universe appears to have been uniquely fine-tuned for the emergence and ongoing continuing survival and existence of life; a highly precise fine-tuning very far beyond all random chance possibility. The existence of mathematics alone overwhelmingly demonstrates deliberate design, rather than random occurring processes.

How for example, could a randomly occurring human brain conceive of or develop mathematics that can accurately predict various particles and properties of matter before they are even discovered? And because the universe itself appears to be mathematically designed, as well as many animals, insects and fish can do math, then the question of exactly where does math come from remains highly problematic for agnostics and atheists to rationally explain.

What is often less discussed in various public videos and forums is something arguably even more improbable from a random-chance evolutionary perspective. As far as science knows, water in some form is essential for the existence of all living things. Yet even today here in the 21st Century, unlike one might assume given our supposed grand "random unguided" evolutionary understanding, the strange behavior and properties of water remain shrouded in scientific mystery.

From the Encyclopedia Britannica: "Although the molecules of water are simple in structure (H2O), the physical and chemical properties of the compound are extraordinarily complicated, and they are not typical of most substances found on Earth." The behavior of water actually defies the current supposed 'laws' of physics, as explained in the video linked below.

The majority of scientists believe the water in the universe is from hydrogen created in a theoretical "Big Bang", combined with oxygen released from inside of dying stars. However, some scientists disagree with Big Bang theory and propose that the universe emerged from some type of liquid substance.

The Bible apparently in several places claims that the universe is surrounded by water, which would explain why the universe contains so much hydrogen, instead of it just rather magically appearing out of the Big Bang. There are multiple theories for how so much water happens to be on earth, which can be found online.

It is estimated there are over eight times as many molecules in a cup of water (8.36 x 10 to the 24th power) as there are estimated stars in the known universe (1 x 10 to the 24th power). Some scientists believe however, there may be many more stars than current estimates assume. And the known universe may be about as large as a period on this page, compared to how large the universe actually is; the vast majority being far beyond any and all ability to detect.

According to some scientists with no creationist, intelligent design or other particular axe to grind, the unique behavior of water is "of fundamental importance in countless natural and technological processes." As if "the water molecule was fine-tuned to have such unique properties."

Based on scientific experiments and similar to individual snowflakes, drops of water are also individually unique and, water seems to have a "memory" of its own. Water behaves in many strange and exotic ways that defy conventional physics and challenge basic scientific understanding of life, reality and the universe itself.

In many places in the world, cities and larger areas are running out of water and, some already have. The U.S. Southwest and South Africa are two of such places and, leaders need to build de-salination plants while there is still time.


1. What We Know is a Drop; the Mystery of Water

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