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I have read the New Testament. It's an interesting read which I recommend to every American, if for no other reason, than to learn how badly many people today are misrepresenting what it actually says.

Two leading New Testament individuals tell us that God doesn't live in temples made with hands. And according to Jesus himself, the way to honor God is to "have love, one for another". Yet everywhere I drive in Metro Nashville where I live, I find all manner of physical temples and churches, most of them Christian, ostensibly built to honor God.

Based on what the New Testament actually says, most likely, a whole lot better way to honor God would be to convert them all into housing for the homeless and poor. Why would a God who cannot be contained by the universe and what lies beyond and, "in who we live and move and have our being", have any use for an expensive shrine made by human hands, no matter how big it was?

According to the Old Testament, God "hates a lying tongue" and according to Jesus, the devil "is a liar, and the father of it." Who are Christians that continue to support Donald Trump really following, who according to several media sources, told well over 20,000 lies while in office?

Jesus taught by both word and example we should help immigrants, the marginalized, the sick, the poor and the otherwise oppressed. How is ripping migrant children from their weeping parent's arms and locking them in filthy cages hundreds of miles apart, either following or honoring Jesus?

Since assuming the presidency, Donald Trump has done everything in his power to destroy the environment Jesus apparently believed his father in heaven created. Jesus had a rather different take on the matter, making arguably the greatest environmental awareness statement in human history. Even though, such an issue wasn't even on the public radar.

Donald Trump likes to brag about all the wealth he supposedly has, though he may have more debts than assets, making him worth less than many working-class Americans. Just what is he so concerned about hiding, hiring teams of lawyers in a desperate attempt to prevent the public and investigators suspecting him of corruption, from seeing his tax returns?

Jesus seems to have an entirely different perspective, saying "woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort." Why do so many Christians insist on voting for someone who brags about his wealth while hiding his tax returns, preventing us from knowing just how much or how little he has actually rendered unto Caesar?

While running for president, Donald Trump claimed he had a healthcare plan that would cover every single American, which would be revealed within two weeks after he was elected. Well over three years later, he was still claiming he had a great healthcare plan, which apparently he was afraid to actually show anybody.

Then there are his promises to never touch social security or Medicare and that if elected, all Americans with preexisting conditions would remain covered. Instead, he sent four years trying to dismantle what little protections millions of poor Americans currently have.

We can "only imagine", to quote a famous Christian song, how angry this might make Jesus. Christians often excused voting for perhaps the least Christ-like president since Andrew Jackson, because yet again, because he pretended to oppose abortion (although prior to running for office, he had long been a supporter of Row vs. Wade.

Sorry, but I can't recall anything at all that either Jesus or any of his New Testament followers said about abortion. But Jesus had a whole lot to say about the conservative authorities of his society. And, talk about being politically incorrect. Jesus was a whole lot more caustic and in-your-face towards these hypocrites than comedian Bill Maher ever dreamed of being.

For some strange reason, Jesus and the New Testament seem to lean a lot more towards socialism than even Bernie Sanders dares to propose. Apparently the real followers of Jesus shared all things in common and distributed to each according to need. Which the Encyclopedia Britannica says, is the "foundation" of socialism.

Though promising he definitely wouldn't touch either social security or Medicare, Donald Trump promised if re-elected, he planned to permanently defund both. When are American Christians going to wake up to the fact they've been conned by a grifter, fraud and pathological liar? Will it be before or after grandma is homeless and begging in the alley behind some gilded steeple?


1. What Christians Forgot to Tell You

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