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From 2015 thru 2020, the Republican Party controlled the Senate. During those nearly six years, they passed a so-called tax 'reform' that substantially helped the super-wealthy and did little for anybody else. They passed virtually nothing to help the majority of American people.

Not only that, they have purposefully blocked nearly every piece of legislation that would help the majority of we the people. Although when Trump became president, he promised much, in reality they did nothing for our decaying infrastructure, nothing for rising healthcare costs, nothing to help the homeless and poor and nothing to curb the outlandish prices we pay Big Pharma for medications.

After Joe Biden and the Democrats took over in 2021, the Republican Party has continued to block all of the same kind of legislation; legislation that would greatly help our economy and, help the vast majority of citizens. Prior to Biden, Trump had promised much but delivered virtually nothing.

According to diverse studies, thousands of bridges across the U.S. are weak and, many could come tumbling down without warning. There are at least 17 such bridges in Tennessee alone, several spanning highways and interstates. Imagine what would happen in any American city if such a bridge collapsed during rush hour (Southern California has many more than Tennessee).

Yet, while the other party has repeatedly tried, the GOP has failed to pass any legislation to address this problem. They have also failed to address our outdated and extremely vulnerable electrical grid, in spite of sporadic blackouts. Likewise, we have many damns and entire sewage systems in need of immediate repair.

While the GOP has incessantly attacked any and all things related to Obamacare, they have utterly failed to offer any alternative. In the midst of a pandemic, they attempted to take away healthcare from 20 million Americans, without offering any alternative.

Both social security and Medicare need more funding to remain solvent. The GOP's 'answer' is to "privatize" them. Consider what would have happened during the major recession of 2008, if these programs were dependent on volatile markets for funding. Now the GOP has plans to defund them out of existence.

Then there is the changing climate. The Grand Old Party is filled with climate change deniers, even though they trust medicine when they get sick and, most other science. A few even seem to grasp the science of wearing a mask. Why is the GOP increasingly standing for the Global Oppressive Party?

Oceans continue to rise. The Arctic ice pack is expected to disappear around 2035, while Antarctic ice sheets larger than some entire states are breaking up. Meanwhile, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, major droughts and horrific fires are predicted to only grow worse.

What kind of wicked political party claims to care about the unborn, while ignoring the plight of the sick and poor who are already born; ignoring growing millions of Americans who can't afford rent? The GOP plans to make their lives even more miserable, taking away what little healthcare they may have and, quite literally taking food off the plates of homeless school children.

When we go to the polls to vote. Or, risk mailing in our vote, in spite of the GOP doing everything they can to destroy the post office and otherwise, making it more and more difficult to cast a ballot. Are we going to throw Grandma under the healthcare bus and, continue to mass pollute and destroy the future and all hope for our children and grandchildren?

Do we really want leaders in high office who care nothing for us, nothing for the Constitution and, only for their own political power? As both Teddy Roosevelt and FDR might ask if they were alive today, what good is power, if it isn't used to better the lot of the people of our nation? You decide.

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