Philosophy Of The Common People


Way back in eighteen-sixty-some when the wild, wild west was newly won

The Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads set out to achieve

What no one in their right mind would ever likely begin to believe

To span the American continent with the great iron tracks of industry

And spread the gospel of capitalism from American sea to once shining sea

The great task was done through government immense at very great expense

And it should have sent up an early flag or two about our governmental sense

The Central under Sacramento skies of blue and the Union’s Missouri River crew

Planned to meet somewhere in the middle, but as governments are want to do

With all manner of corporation persuasion that every licentious tongue could speak

Greedy congressional pockets were filled from Omaha to Mount Whitney’s peak

All lobby bribes were pacified, swallowing up every political tribe’s manure

And where the two ends would finally meet, no one seemed to know quite exactly
      for sure

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