Philosophy Of The Common People


Oft times in the course of the timeless endeavor of deep-water maritime navigation

A flag of an insignificant country is chosen over a ship owner’s origin nation

And oft times those who possess great wealth lock up their treasure in foreign coffers

For the avoidance of safety regulation and the taxation shelter that such offers

Back home, we attend our holiday parades and hold our flags up waving proud

And between our beer and mustard-dog, we sing our nation’s anthem long and loud

We go to church on Sunday and pass the silver plate of religion’s booty

While singing “Amazing Grace” and our tired battle hymn of patriotic duty

And we all bow with one accord to the red, white and blue sham of pretense

While ignoring our sick and poor under our great American flag of convenience

For truth’s justice is the American way whether she be right or she be wrong

True patriotism’s voice of dissent disappears, drowned in our shallow partisan song

And we must never look too closely at the horrible price for which our way was

Nor should we examine very carefully what it just might mean to be a true patriot

For if we did then maybe our actions would matter beyond just a holiday parade

And correcting America’s pathway might become more than a political charade

And just maybe we would all have healthcare, food and shelter and an adequate job

Our taxes just might be halfway fair and our children’s future we might cease to rob

O’ sing “God Bless America” on the Capitol steps while placing laser weapons up
      in space

And parade our New World Order charade amidst our prayers of national disgrace

Forget about Tom Paine and Betsy Ross, forget our July 4th apple-pie crust

And we can forget our greenback bill that pretends somehow in God we trust

For history’s one great and mournful lesson rises from Sodom’s ashes quite

If we strengthen not the hand of the poor, The United States Of America will no
      longer be here ¹


1. Ezekiel 16:49.  Even agnostic and atheistic historians agree that nations who do not help their sick and poor soon (in historical time) cease to exist, for the poor will either unite in revolution, lose all sense of patriotism and secretly if not openly, aid the enemy and/or plague brought on by lack of adequate nutrition and health care for the poor will spread up the line of wealth, respecting no manner of persons as it destroys a culture from inside out.  Usually, it is a combination of all of these that causes once great civilizations to eventually decay and fall by history’s great wayside graveyard of once proud nations (see The Lessons Of History by Will and Ariel Durant for more details).

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