Philosophy Of The Common People


                       Todayís sound-bite leans hard right or left

                       And rarely if ever, is the middle voice heard

                       The needs of the common hard-working people

                       Drown in a media farce of the comic absurd

                       Our myopic rulers of mammon tainted vision

                       Lean hard toward the party and away from the cure

                       And the fragile future of our childrenís children

                       Is sacrificed for the brief moment of power secure

                       What is true and best is rarely viewed as popular

                       And with a sly wink, itís exchanged for the lies

                       Now, how very quickly we the people forget

                       That the strength of our freedom rests in compromise

                       For to give up position that we hold most dearly

                       Even if in our hearts, we believe it to be true

                       Toward the future hope and endurance of our nation

                       Is surely the righteous and mature thing to do

                       Though our founding fathers were a bloodthirsty lot

                       Caught up in the vain pursuit of goldís hollow prize

                       It seems they possessed a distinction today most lacking

                       Of recognizing the importance of mature compromise

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