Philosophy Of The Common People


That great genetic mutation, in political non-correctness we call the “Human Race”

In it’s variety of form and sundry hue, seems to have embarked from a singular place

As the authors of the Bible now together with modern science both profess to believe

That the grand and noble ass, We The People, emanated from one individual Eve

If that be true, then this thing we call “race” can be not more than foolish invention

Propagated by the lowest of cowards of fear’s blind and deceitful superstition

We may be divided by tongue and nation, but our singular race shares the same blood

Some ancient author’s claim now lying buried in the great tide of history’s mud ¹

Thus, that wizard of white demon clan, can take comfort from his warm place in Hades

That in all probability his great, great granddaddy, was ‘bout as black as the ace of


1. Acts 17:26

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