R A N D O M   R A N T S


   1. Covid-19 and the Complexity of Life

   2. Hipocrisy of the Deregulating 'Free' Marketairs

   3. Open Letter to American Christians

   4. How Wrong is Racism?

   5. Churches

   6. What the Second Amendment Really Says

   7. Reality of the GOP Agenda

   8. Reigious Exemptions

   9. God and the First Amendment

 10. Space and the Lowly Cell

 11. Covid-19

 12. Window Into What the American Founders Believed

 13. Truth and Freedom

 14. The Global Oppressive Party

 15. Should Nations Help the Sick and Poor?

 16. All Empathied Out

 17. Religion of the American Founders

 18. Making a Religion Out of Jesus

 19. Pro-Life

 20. When I Was a Kid

 21. Are Republican Christians Really following Jesus?

 22. What We Know is a Drop

 23. Is Science Mainly in the Dark about Light?

 24. Poor People's March

 25. Gross Mistranslation of Jesus

 26. Revolution

 27. Revolution ~ Side B

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