Philosophy Of The Common People


The king on his throne, the queen with her be-jeweled crown

All of their subjects of ill-repute and those of some less certain renown

The virgin in the Sunday-morning choir and the preacher in his Sunday best

The sinners and the saints, o’ pontiff in foolish garment of vestment dress

The hooker and the gambler, the merciless dealer down on Main Street

The national professional sports hero and the old tired cop on the beat

The poor and middle-class, the wealthy well-heeled keepers of the fame

The senate and the House; o’ Congress of depraved heathen shame

The young and often foolish and the old and sometimes wise

Those who think it’s mainly bullshit and those who can’t read between the lies

The rich, the mighty and the swift, the meek, the blind and the lame

All the losers and the winners of this life’s cruel, cold-hearted game

We in common must heed the call, for who can oppose Mother Nature’s goal?

We walk, we crawl, we run. . . to that nearest familiar white porcelain bowl

And dumping our pressing load with a mighty sigh of great relief

We give thanks to the eternal Father while mumbling, “hail to the chief”

Then quickly hitching up our drawers, we head for the nearest watering hole

With our bike or whatever makes us happy, ‘party-hearty’ our main goal

We all have whatever reason for blaming the other guy for why we are down-trodden

Though professor, pope and sinner alike, all share a thing or two in common

And it would seem that Jesus loves us all, all the same, both you and me

Though he cares not for our religions, especially that one called Christianity

And we know he must feel sorry if our weary soul should hit the skids

For what else is there, but to enjoy life and do our part, for Jerry’s kids?

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