Philosophy Of The Common People


           ‘Twas a dark, dreary and dreadful Washington night

           While the fattened populace was a blissfully snorin’

           That the licentious Wild Bill of Capitol Hill

           Opened Lincoln’s bedroom backdoor to a little whorin’

           And such backsliding along with certain Whitewater muddle

           Was roundly and soundly condemned by the righteous

           For it seems that Wild Bill had gotten lost in the thrill

           Of erstwhile accounting and keeping up his busy britches

           Then along came Enron of Houston sweeping Whitewater away

           Like Noah’s great flood washing over a small babbling brook

           But not one word was heard from the self-righteous absurd

           No matter the many billions, jobs and futures the bastards took

           For Enron supported candidates of the conservative far-wrong

           Those doomsday promoters of the Star Wars of future years

           That will cause sorrow of all those who lost out in Enron’s sad scandal

           To be but a puddle beside the horrific deluge of nightmare tears

           Is there a bottomless black hole anywhere in all of cosmic creation

           That these perverse purveyors of hypocrisy can somehow crawl in

           To hide their blind wicked souls from he who wields the great sword

           Of our apocalyptic judgment day battle of Armageddon?

           And can the devil himself excuse the legacy of such cowards

           Who would pretend in the utter hypocrisy of religion’s sin

           To be somehow any better down to their insane fundamental letter

           Than the licentious Wild Bill who one night went a whorin’?

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