In 500 Words Or Less


       "Suppose you were a congressman and suppose you
        were an idiot; but I repeat myself."
                                                   - Mark Twain

             Essay Chapter Titles in Blue
             Interactive Music Chapter Titles in Black

    Note on Content

   1. Can Congress Be Reformed?

   2. Capitol Offense

   3. Why Are There Homeless Veterans In America?

   4. Teardrops of Blood

   5. Does the NRA Really Defend the 2nd Amendment?

   6. Arm Your Private Lear Jet

   7. Does the ACLU Really Support the 1st Amendment?

   8. Big Bang:  Was Darwin Really Fair to the Monkey?

   9. Should We Care if Everyone Has Health Care?
       Is it Wise to Have Medicare for All? (bonus chapter)

 10. All We Can Do is Pray

 11. Is Obama Any Smarter Than Bush?

 12. Writing On The Wall

 13. Is There Really Life in the Future?

 14. Future:  Do We Care About Our Children?

 15. Do Conservative Christians Really Follow Jesus?

 16. Homeless

 17. Is Atheism Scientific?
       Is the TV Series "Cosmos" Really Honest? (bonus chapter)

 18. Duck About You:  Is Jesus Smarter Than Everyone Else Combined?

 19. Should We Boycott Walmart & Exxon/Mobil?

 20. Big Mack Donald

 21. Was Hurricane Katrina God's Judgment on New Orleans?

 22. Gonna Rise Up

 23. Should We Put Our Swords Away?

 24. What You Preach

 25. What is the Real Right-Wing Agenda?

 26. U.S. Steal:  Battle Hymn of the Neo-Republic

 27. Is Mainstream Media Even a Little Bit Legit?

 28. Brother Martin

 29. Should We Blame Immigrants for Contagious Diseases?

 30. Gone With the Wind

 31. Is Richard Dawkins Smarter Than Jesus?
       Is Richard Dawkins Really a Scientist? (bonus chapter)

 32. Thought it Was a Jet Plane

 33. Can Charles Darwin be Trusted?

 34. Everybody

 35. Are Atheists Really Honest About War?

 36. Who Would Jesus Bomb?

 37. Who is Really Scamming Who?  Lifting the Health Care Veil
       Who is Really Lying About Health Care? (bonus chapter)

 38. Before They Care

 39. Does Life Exist Beyond Our Solar System?

 40. Pluto

 41. Are People Really Sheep?

 42. Shepherd

 43. Is the Bible Really Accurate?

 44. Told You So

 45. What if You Were in Charge?

 46. Where Were You?

 47. Does Belief In God Cause Human Oppression?

 48. Down Home Comfort

 49. Is the Golden Rule Really the Best Idea?

 50. Save Us All

 51. GOD: a perspective

 52. Within You and Me

 53. Are People Really Sinners?

 54. People

 55. Did Democrats Really Reform Health Care?

 56. Boulevard

 57. Do Americans Really Believe in the Constitution?

 58. Anthem

 59. Is Music City Becoming the Meanest City in America?

 60. So Shall it Be

 61. How Badly Are Our Children Misinformed?

 62. Hard to Be a Kid Today

 63. Are Americans Well-Educated?
       Do Species Evolve From Other Species? (bonus chapter)

 64. Here in America

 65. Can We Afford to House the Homeless?
       How Appalling Can City Leaders Be? (bonus chapter)

 66. Homeless Joe

 67. Is There Really a Fair and Impartial Way to Tax?

 68. Taxes

 69. Where is the Great American Dream?

 70. It Don't Rock Like Elvis

 71. Is Donald J. Trump the Chosen One?

 72. Trumpty Dumpty

 73. Does Science Really Know What is True?

 74. Slow Train

 Appendix A: Revolution

 Appendix B: Revolution ~ Side B

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